Production Monitoring and Reporting Solution

Customer Rquirement

A multinational FMCG Bottling company was needing a solution to monitor their factory performance in real time with custom dashboards built with their own KPI’s. Solution was to increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact in the process.


We created a web-based solution which will capture data from Machine PLC and log the records in SQL database. After that user can select there KPI’s and create Realtime dashboards over this database.


Reduce Cycle Times

The Cycle time loss occurs whenever equipment runs slower than its maximum theoretical speed (the Ideal Cycle Time). It’s an aspect of production that benefits greatly from an automated measurement as cycle losses are tremendously difficult to capture manually. As a result, many manufacturers find that cycle time losses are hidden – they are not tracked and not acted upon.


In the manufacturing industry, achieving operational efficiency means facilities are managed in a cost-effective way and clients receive the deliverables they want. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are a proven tool for aligning the actions of individuals. They focus a different group of people into a high-performance team. When KPIs are used in manufacturing there is an extra dimension to consider – the importance of communicating real-time KPIs to plant floor employees. The scoreboards are a perfect way to communicate real-time KPIs to your plant floor team. We recommend that you design real-time scoreboards to communicate three types of information: Expectations (“Where should we be?”), Performance (“Where are we?”) and Achievement (“How are we doing?”).

Machine Operator Screen